I awoke this morning, made my kids their lunches, took a shower, took a quick check in on FB. Typical.

A post from a friend from HS caught my eye. Her husband was going in for the second time within 3 years for a heart catherization. She’s afraid. “I’m very scared and I know that God is carrying us through this but I’m still very human!! Wishing for these worried feelings to go away doesn’t always make it so, as you all know!! So if I could ask for everyone’s prayers for my family, We would appreciate them so much. Thank you in advance for all of the love that you pour into my family!!!”

I’m still very human.

She reached out. In her pain and fear, acknowledging where she is. Being open.

I’m still very human.

That takes courage. Especially in this day and age, to admit our fear, to ask for assistance, to acknowledge our humanness. Our frailty. Our inability to make things just go away.

Her raw open acknowledgement…I’m still very human, it hit home today.

We’re all still very human.

My mind paused and my heart softened. In each moment, we really are all doing the best we can. My heart was flooded with love, in full compassion and community. I became deeply aware and grateful for how each of us just shows up in the world. Doing the best we can. Some days we SHINE. Some days we’re cranked. But through it all we show up, in heartbreak and radiance. It’s inspiring.

It’s courageous. Being Alive is courageous. Just Showing Up takes courage. People are truly amazing!

Showing up with where we are, right now. Open and radiant. Or cranked and judging. Or muddled and confused and fearful.

Saying this is where I am right now. I’m not “fully enlightened’. I’m not ‘the perfect size” or at least not the size I think is perfect. The fact I still think there IS a perfect size. Showing up even when my mind can’t remember simple words anymore. Like counter. Or your name…and then looking at you in the eyes and admitting it.

Choosing to see you with my open heart, instead of judging you with my expectations. And hoping you can do the same… that’s courageous.

Or on the flip side…sometimes being courageous doesn’t mean revealing everything. Maybe it can be saying “You can’t go here”. Or “No entry” or “I need to hide”. You can’t reveal everything, because the wounds are so deep and only silence can hold them or you right now. You need time.

But even this hiding is showing up.

When we look, we can see the wounds in each others’ eyes and we know they are held in a much deeper place, in our hearts, in our gut. So all we can do is hold space for each other’s hiding. To offer a hand to take, for comfort for steadiness, for warmth, when it’s needed. No questions asked.

We show up in our hiding, by claiming it.

That’s courageous. Being able to go on in the best way we can, with what we have, where we are, in the midst of All That Is.

Let’s hold space for each other.
Let’s hold grace for each other.
Let’s share a meal.
Let’s notice.
Let’s be here.

Let’s show up.

We’re all still very human.