“I have been a Massage Therapist for 14 years and I know when the qualities of a true healer are present.
Charlene brings to her practice a unique and potent combination of care and focused presence so essential to healing and well being.
I highly recommend her work.”
– Neil Anderson, Licensed Massage Therapist

“There is one word that jumps at me when I think of Charlene’s work, Awareness. Be it her artwork, photographs, poems, posts, they draw your attention to the moment. They allow you to be meditative, contemplative, joyous, exuberant, expansive, the whole entire gamut. Her work, like Charlene, is full of Life. Its raw, its real and it reminds me to pay attention every day. And for that, I feel profoundly grateful. What she is doing is wonderful. She is enabling a lot of men/women to really look within themselves. She is giving them ‘permission’ to take the time to get to know themselves. It is a beautiful gift. I hope and pray that she keeps on keeping on down this path of discovery.”
– Rama Desai


“Having worked with you recently, I can certainly endorse you for your creative, free and loving Spirit.
You Give and Receive in equal amounts, so refreshing.
I wish you huge success with your next steps.
Many blessings.”
– Cyd Alper Sedgwick

“Dear, awesome Charlene!!
Your words, art, and positive attitude have rejuvenated my heart on days when it felt dry and in need of joy.
You have a beautiful, blessed way of knowing what to say and how to use your energy to meet others where they are – and propel us to greater heights!!
Thank you for the blessing of YOU!”
– Sheena Monnin

“Charlene, wow there’s too much to list in a few sentences. From the perfect moment I was introduced to your words and art, I experienced your spiritual energy and you allowed me to see the beauty and magic through your eyes as it opened me up to a different spiritual path for myself, also allowing me to realize what a passion I have for the arts. Thank you what a gift you are!”
– Madeline Riley

“I am the lucky buyer of a few works by Charlene. My wife loves the glass panel titled “yes….and”. I love it too. Charlene provides us the personal relationship to an artist. Yes…and helps us pursue our own artistic endeavors.”
– Gary Hutchinson
“Charlene’s coaching grounds me while simultaneously helping me taking flight. She is masterful at leading me inward to the heart of life’s invitations to growth and then pointing me towards integration and productive action. Her many areas of expertise converge to make her an invaluable resource and her enthusiasm for life is contagious.”
– Nan Fischer, Executive Coach

“Charlene honors the beauty, truth, dance and playfulness of herself in a way very few do… And she takes all of that to a profound level that inspires each of us to dive into our wild blue truth, inviting it to come through.”
– Robin OK

“I had the pleasure of working with Charlene when I was in a place where I wanted to rediscover my creative side. I contacted her about developing a workshop. We worked through the goals and interests of potential attendees and tapped into Charlene’s creative exercises to loosen us up and nudge our creative brain cells. The workshop was a lot of fun and the attendees enjoyed the day, playing and exploring. I am thankful for the opportunity, as it helped me rediscover my creative side!”
– Paula Innis, Market Research

“Making art with Charlene informs my perspective on the world around me. Her ability to build confidence — while removing the stereotypical barrier ‘can’t’ from my vocabulary — improves my outlook each time.”
– Jared Queen

“Having lived in the West for many years, I have been exposed to many alternative healing therapies like massage, acupuncture and other eastern medicinal help for my neurological condition called syringomyelia that I have had since 2000. While visiting my neighbor and friend Charlene one day for a walk, I learned a bit more about her knowledge regarding essential oils and aromatouch. Because massage has helped me so much, I wanted to see what aromatouch was like. Charlene created a very warm, relaxing environment for the session and asked a lot of questions about things going in in my life at that time physically and emotionally and then decided on what oils to use. It felt like a massage but a lot more relaxing. During the reflexology part of the session she discovered a tender point that suggested I may have issues in my kidney region which I found strange. Then, within days I developed significant pain in that area that resulted in shingles right in that same spot! So, her session not only relaxed me fully, helped alleviate my headache but also warned me of my soon to be ailment. Charlene has a calming, nurturing spirit about her that is felt in her hands during her aromatouch session that makes you feel comfortable and cared for. Her knowledge of the essential oils and how they can help you is also very impressive. I highly recommend this treatment with Charlene, you will feel better physically and emotionally afterwards! I feel blessed to know her.”
– Julie Stewart

“Charlene has a masterful way of helping others explore their unique form of creativity. One step inside her sun-filled studio awakens the artist who hides in each of us. Charlene figuratively builds a canvas upon which we are encouraged to soar. The way she nurtures talent in another is supportive, filled with enthusiasm, laughter and joy.”
– Elizabeth Wood

“Charlene is an insightful, inspirational force of love and guidance. She has had a powerful and wonderful influence on me as a friend as well as in a variety of professional roles (coach, enneagram advisor, artist, and group facilitator, to name a few). I feel that I have deeper insight into who I am and more courage to be who I am in the world thanks to Charlene’s presence in my life.”
– Betsi Heithaus

“Charlene, wow theres to much to list in a few sentences lol…from the perfect moment I was introduced to your words and art.I experienced your spritural energy .and you allowed me to see the beauty and magic threw your eyes as it opened me up to a different spritural path for myself also allowing me to realize what a passion i have for the arts thank you what a gift you are!”
– Madeline Riley

“I enjoyed the Aroma touch session with Charlene so much that i decided to incorporate essential oils into my daily life …not only the oils…but the essence of the oils and of the woman!”

– Deborah Ooten

“Charlene lent just the perfect touch to guide our women’s group through a spiritual quest, culminating in a unique mandala symbolizing our experience. I would wish for all women to have such a creative group experience.”
– Donna Lynne Strong Brott

“Had an excellent Aromatouch session with Charlene which left me peaceful and centered the whole week. Even more than the amazing oils, Charlene’s sincere and focused dedication to her work created a safe space for healing to happen. I can’t recommend her strongly enough!”
– Bruce Davis, Reiki Master and Teacher

“Charlene’s gift is seeing the magic within each of us. That seed of our true essence deep inside that our culture/religion/family has taught us to ignore – or worse – denies even exists, Charlene sees it, shines a loving light on it, and, like the sun, encourages our essence to push out roots to anchor us and to unfurl the petals of our own gifts into the world. Whether as a life coach, an artist, a teacher, or friend, Charlene holds a safe space where creativity & laughter & love inspire us to embrace our true radiance while accepting – and even loving – our shadows and tender places. In her frequent blog posts, Charlene courageously reveals her own spiritual challenges, her brilliant epiphanies and her infectious love of the beauty in the world, reminding us that the best teachers are those who acknowledge they will always be students as well. ~ offered with love”
– Debi Jackson

“A breath of fresh air is what I identify WBL with. Energising, inspiring and rejuvenating. Since my first visit here, WBL is the default start-up page on my browser.”
– Rajesh Ramname, India

“As Goethe said, There is a difference between seeing and seeing… 
the eyes of the spirit have to work in perpetual 
living connection with those of the body, for one otherwise risks seeing yet seeing past 
a thing. Charlene’s photography is Goethe-like. She captures what the eye too often misses. She helps you experience the spirit, body and mind of her subject by awakening the same in yourself.”
– Curt Micka

“Charlene, At my best, I focus on inspiring posts first thing in the morning and save the challenging for later. That’s one of the reasons I love being your friend on Facebook. You consistently offer words of beauty and courage in the midst of the realities of our lives.”
– Rebecca Herder

“I have hired Charlene numerous times to work as a creative facilitator with groups of young girls as well as groups of grown women.
Visitors to Charlene’s studio are inspired to express themselves powerfully.
Charlene facilitates the discovery of new ways of experiencing music and movement, of forming verbal and visual representations of identity.
The art she helps others to create is transformative; Charlene provokes deep self discovery in ordinary people, who continue to be inspired as they live with the extraordinary works of art that emerge during their time with her.”
– Nancy Illman