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Charlene thinks we’ve lost track of what it means to really live. To live into all of what we are, who we are, all of what Life is. To know we are the deepest seas, the highest mountains, and as vast as the expansive blue sky. We are the smallest grains of sand, we are the drop and wave and the ocean. We are human. We are sacred. We are both…AND.


Some of us are called to climb mountains and roar in delight at the summit. Some of us feel the pull of a quiet nook, savoring the stillness of an early morn. Others are enchanted when holding a small child’s hand, or teaching them to bake cookies, or how to keep kindness in their hearts. Or more likely, we are mixture of them all. And more…


Our lives are made, moment by moment. These are Wild Blue Moments. And Charlene believes in them.

Believes that creating them and being aware of them, AS they occur is the key and the gift.


Cherishing the small and intimate, as well as the vast and momentous in our lives is what creates a Wild Blue Life. A life of presence and soul, of spaciousness and balance, of radiance and well being, of fullness and deep contentment, of simplicity in the complexity of All That Is.

What is YOUR Wild Blue???

Wild Blue is: (limited list!)

Living with radiance and vitality!
Living with deep contentment, a peaceful mind. A peaceful heart.
Living full stop into who you are with gusto!
It’s about slowing down, embracing silence, becoming aware.

Always the noticing.

It’s about finding out who you are, in case you’ve forgotten.
It’s about the winding path as you explore, as you make your way into discovery.
It’s about honoring what you discover by saying YES to it.

It’s about creating a life you love… and learning how to do it.

It’s about learning to play again, just because!!
Its about laughing and dreaming!
It’s about chocolate.

It’s about being Joy-filled! Realizing life is to be enjoyed, not survived. Because guess what? You won’t win that one. You won’t survive. Thriving however, absolutely possible.

It’s about learning to let go and surrender…
It is about living with Ease and Grace and Flow…
It’s about having time to Be.
It’s about learning how to simply Be.

It’s about playing hooky, every once in a while…
Staying in bed to finish that book…

It’s about sharing the journey. REALLY sharing it.
Being with friends.
Being in Community.
Sharing the ups and downs and all the detours.

It’s about compassionate, radical honesty.
With ourselves.
With our loved ones.
That’s cajones, my friends.

It’s about living with vulnerability.
IN Vulnerability.
Seeing ourselves (that honesty thing)…
Having the guts to share our true selves with others.
Right Where We ARE.

It’s about learning how to be brave again.
Through honesty and vulnerability.
And incredible compassion.

It’s about daisies.
Laying on the ground, feeling the earth.
Making mud pies
Smelling the fragrance of cut grass.
Or lavender.
It’s the feel of your dog’s ears.

It’s the taste of a meal prepared with love.
With diligence.
With presence.
It’s the satisfaction of a job well done.

It’s about doing things that deep down we want to do!
It’s about acting a little crazy sometimes.
It’s about wearing stripes and plaid if we want.
It’s about loving our own kind of crazy.

And being cool with the other guy’s.

My Wild Blue won’t look like yours.
There are an infinite number of colors of blue…

It’s about learning how to love ourselves.
At least just a little bit more.
It’s about taking that love and Being It,
Being Love.

happyWhen asked what The Meaning of Life was, the Dalai Lama answered “The meaning of life is happiness. That is easy! It is to be happy. Hard question is not, ‘What is meaning of life?’ That is easy question to answer! No, hard question is ‘what make happiness?’. Money? Big house? Accomplishment? Friends? Or …” He paused. “Compassion and good heart? This is question all human beings must try to answer:What make true happiness?”

So, what makes true happiness? That is YOUR Wild Blue…

Welcome to Wild Blue Living… I’m so honored to be a part of the question… a part of the dance along the journey…

Let’s enjoy the exploration of it, together.