Wild Blue Adventures

We sometimes forget how we loved to adventure as a child!  We’d just play and DO things for the sheer joy of it. We’d play tag til our sides hurt, wonder and wander down the abandoned railroad tracks, climb trees and build forts.  We wore capes and saved the world!!

And now, life has gotten a busy.  Over-full.  Playing and adventuring is something we might typically leave to our children, or to others. We’d like to… it sounds GREAT!  But sometimes you just don’t’ even know where to start.  OVERWHELM comes to mind.  TIME comes to mind… and the question on the playground of WHO WILL WE PLAY WITH?

Wild Blue Adventures addresses all those roadblocks.

1)    We plan them.  You say yes.  You pay. You show up.  We have a great time!
2)    Bit size playdates….a couple of hours.  Maybe a half day for the big things.  We’re not trekking to Peru or doing yoga in Bali… yet. 
3)    Other like minded souls!  Maybe you bring a friend, but just as likely, you make really great new ones!

But we need to play!!  It’s one of the best things we can do for ourselves and our loved ones!

So come play a little hooky!