Charlene is a renaissance woman of creative exploration, discovery and inspiration. She’s all about the journey of life – experiencing it, understanding it, feeling it, being aware in it and growing through it all.


Charlene’s passion is living life fully. With awareness. With radiance. With presence and soul. She is made to create, to connect. To experience and take juicy bites out of life… and to share it all! Perhaps as a guide. Perhaps as an inspiring spark! Perhaps simply as a warning! A radiant warning of what may happen if you actually start listening to what’s within. Once you listen and begin to honor who you’re called to be, everything changes. And there is no going back…

Charlene is about that. Diving deep, letting go, leaving the shore, looking at “what’s so”… right here. Right now. Seeing and experiencing the Beauty, Truth, Heartbreak and Joyousness of Life. In Life. Being Life. Being Aware in the midst of it all.

Charlene is about guiding and empowering you to live into the fullness of yourself. To explore and discover, to jump and wriggle about, to feel the Aha. To then honor your self, and Life, by integrating all that you discover. To dance your own kind of crazy dance along the path. Your path. To be in Gratitude and Awe as it all unfolds.


Charlene’s own journey has been twisty and turny, full of surprises, most likely, like yours. She has not ended up where she expected, and has finally arrived at the place where she is all the more pleased that is so.

She grew up in a small farming community in Indiana. After graduating from Purdue as a Bio-chemical engineer, she worked for Procter and Gamble in product development and market research. Leaving corporate life to raise her children, she embraced her most difficult and most rewarding role as a full time mother. Goodness, she never saw that one coming! It was the beginning of her real inner journey, her children having become her two of her most incredible and inspiring teachers.

handsAt some point, she began to feel the call to create. Again, she didn’t see that one coming either! Never having considered herself creative, she now found herself being drawn into it. Simultaneously she explored her spirituality, integrating mindfulness and awareness practices, extensively studying the enneagram, spiral dynamics, yoga, astrology and various modalities for understanding who we are. And who we are not. This broadened and deepened her understanding of herself and of life, moving her along her path.

She found she needed a space to call her own. A place in which to create, to write, to dream, to dance… and surprisingly to her, to gather. Her studio became her haven, her self expressive laboratory and sacred space. She hammered, sawed, cut, glued and painted. She danced, she sang and tried This, and then That. She let herself “just see”. And she certainly saw… saw herself, in a million little pieces and ideas. Saw the humanness, the beauty and frailty in Life.

She also found she was drawn to bringing groups together to explore life …through paint, baubles and wire, through movement and sharing and laughter, through the holding of each other’s humanity with openness, compassion and gentleness. And it all started with saying ‘yes’ to her unrelenting voice that whispered she must do this…even if she doesn’t understand why. Even if she had a million reasons that said it didn’t make sense. Even if she fought and judged herself throughout the whole thing. She still said yes.

Always a student, she engaged in consciousness studies at the Conscious Living Center and received her life coaching certification in 2008. She participated in two 200 Hour yoga teacher trainings, finishing in 2011. Always interested in natural healing, she discovered the power of essential oils in 2013, became Certified in the AromaTouch Technique, as well as Level One Reiki Certification. She is honored to bring the healing of aromatherapy and reiki into her practice. She has held numerous Collaborative Creative workshops throughout the US, for groups both large (300+) and intimate. All exploring life, who we each are, what’s important to us, bringing out the individual voice as well as the collective.

Charlene draws upon her vast array of experiences to assist people to connect to their body and heart wisdom, their truth, so that they may live engaging, balanced and authentic lives. She assists them in navigating their inner landscape to then create an outer life that fully supports their souls’ journey, creating Deep Joy. She resonates with the term “Chacaruna”, a Quechen word meaning “bridge person”, one who helps others cross from one state of consciousness to another.

She likes to dance across that bridge . . . and hopes this dance helps people love themselves and their lives, at least just a little bit more.

Charlene currently lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her two children and cats. Her heart feels most at home under the boundless open sky. She travels often, finding herself enlivened by the people and soul of a place, and what she find out about herself along the way. She loves the sun shining, dancing of any sort, being in nature, singing, laughing, pepper on her french fries and Blue Blue Skies. Her favorite food is kale, and has shirts to prove it. Yes, plural. She’s sassy. She’s soulful. She’s still got a lot to learn. And a lot to share. She’s in deep gratitude and awe, watching this Life unfold. And she thanks you for be-ing.