BE NURTURED with Wild Blue Aromatherapy

The healing power of touch.  Of Presence. Of essential oils…

A profoundly transformative way to interact with these oils is by receiving one of Charlene’s AromaTouch Technique sessions. This technique is a simple but very powerful way to address whole body needs and create overall systemic benefits in the recipient, from moderating the body’s stress response, supporting the immune system, reducing pain and inflammation and promoting homeostasis.

After a session of AromaTouch, clients typically report feeling relaxed and refreshed, “loosened up”, often with dramatically restored range of motion and significant reduction of pain.  They often report a profound sense of calm.  Deeply grounded yet remarkably light.

Charlene is certified in both the AromaTouch Technique and Level One Reiki.  And she’s pleased to be able to be present with you and to you, nurturing you with this powerful healing technique.
Healing AromaTouch Technique:

  • 45 minutes of classic technique
  • $60

Pampering Plus:

  • AromaTouch Technique plus customized oils and intuitive energy work for your specific issues
  • 60 minute
  • $80

You’ve Got A Lot Going On:

  • 90 minutes of time JUST FOR YOU includes all of the above plus a mini consultation/coaching session
  • $120


“I have been a Massage Therapist for 14 years and I know when the qualities of a true healer are present.
Charlene brings to her practice a unique and potent combination of care and focused presence so essential to healing and well being.
I highly recommend her work.”
– Neil Anderson, Licensed Massage Therapist


“Having lived in the West for many years,
I have been exposed to many alternative healing therapies like massage, acupuncture and other eastern medicinal help
for my neurological condition called syringomyelia that I have had since 2000.
While visiting my neighbor and friend Charlene one day for a walk, I learned a bit more about her knowledge regarding essential oils and aromatouch. Because massage has helped me so much, I wanted to see what aromatouch was like.
Charlene created a very warm, relaxing environment for the session and asked a lot of questions about things going in in my life at that time physically and emotionally and then decided on what oils to use. It felt like a massage but a lot more relaxing.
During the reflexology part of the session she discovered a tender point that suggested I may have issues in my kidney region which I found strange. Then, within days I developed significant pain in that area that resulted in shingles right in that same spot! So, her session not only relaxed me fully, helped alleviate my headache but also warned me of my soon to be ailment.
Charlene has a calming, nurturing spirit about her that is felt in her hands during her aromatouch session that makes you feel comfortable and cared for. Her knowledge of the essential oils and how they can help you is also very impressive.
I highly recommend this treatment with Charlene, you will feel better physically and emotionally afterwards!
I feel blessed to know her.”
– Julie Stewart