Some things are more important than deadlines…

So true.

Today is my baby girl’s 18th birthday. I have deadlines. Ones I’m a bit behind on.

And I chose to look at her baby pictures, the pictures in albums from before digital. I allowed myself to amble down memory lane and to immerse myself in what was. What is.

What is can also wait.

I chose to gather pictures to post on FB, I chose to honor the moments and day and years of a life that is so precious to me. I want her to know. To know how incredibly she has impacted by my life with love. With work. With frustration as well, let’s be honest. But with the gift, that truest of gift of being my teacher.

The friggin’ deadline can wait. So, now I’m behind on the website. So maybe it doesn’t get launched on the date we thought. Or maybe it still does.

But I chose love. And being present. And honoring.

And THAT is what Wild Blue Living is all about.

Better to be living my Wild Blue Life than to be missing it by saying “deadlines first”.

Sometimes we do that. Sometimes we must. And when we choose what that “must” is, that determines what our life is. Are our must do’s heeded all the time?

What if my real must is CREATING my WBL by actually living it? Damn the deadlines. Let the launch date be.

I have this moment. This day. There is only one 18th birthday.

Last nite I almost didn’t go to my favorite dance class because “I needed to write”. But I was forcing a situation that didn’t want to come. I wasn’t going to write anything of consequence. But my “should be” was loud. Almost loud enough to make me forget what WBL was about. Balance. Presence. Loving myself. And yes, absolute rapture at times. It’s about being the Dance, not just living it.

So I went to Nia class, and the focus was on Flow…

One of the things that Mary said at the beginning of class was “we’re not late, we’re right on time”. And it clicked for me. I am right on time. Despite my writing or not writing. Where I am, is right on time. It’s that way for all of us. We just get mixed up and think we should be somewhere else. We’re never supposed to be anywhere else , just right where we are. We’re never off the path. We’re never late. We’re always right where we are supposed to be, right when we are supposed to be there, experiencing exactly what we are supposed to be experiencing.

And we make it wrong a lot of times.

The moments of Grace are when we realize we are exactly perfectly right where we are supposed to be. No where else to be. And we rest in that.

So to Grace, then. On her 18th. My teacher, yet again….